Photo By: Andy Pagana

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Wolfgang Joseph Weber Jr. was born on May 12, 1983 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but grew up in the small town of Perth just outside of the city. He's one of 4 brothers.  His father Wolfgang Joseph Weber Sr. is a retired Mechanical Engineer, and his mother Catherine, worked as a stay at home mother.  Between 2004–2008, Wolfgang’s first TV appearance was on the CTV Canadian mini series “H2O” and soon after he moved to Florida in pursuit of his acting career.  While there he had booked small forgettable roles in a variety of commercials, shorts films and features.  However, his run of luck led him to second guess his acting career and embark on a career in law enforcement. 


After being denied time off for an audition, he decided to quit his job and go full force into acting by moving to Los Angeles, California leaving his law enforcement career behind.  For the first seven months he stayed in a hostel in South Los Angeles, and had lied to his parents about his living situation to not worry them.  It was only a few days and Wolfgang had signed with a manager.  From there he landed co star roles on various shows such as Cartoon Networks “Incredible Crew” & “CSI Miami”. Wolfgang was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel by being cast in the thriller “Into the Darkness” starring alongside Twilights Kiowa Gordon, but do to financing issues, the film never got made after a years worth of press.  Although the film was never made, Wolfgang and some of the cast memebers did end up working together on the film “Heatwave”. Since then Wolfgang has starred in many indie films like “All American Zombie Drugs”,  “The Magicians Son”, “Resurgent” and can be seen on a variety of hit YouTube Channels, including his own.  You can also catch him in the features “Cynthia”, “Interpreters” and Lifetime's "Devious Nanny" all premiering in 2017.

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